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Paint Color FAQs?
Remember, We have Thousands of Color Sprayouts that were made to match pieces of motorcycles sent in to us!   Although these are not shown on the website, they help us make paint to match your Motorcycle.
"We can make paint to match" your Motorcycle!
* Click here to order your paint without the Code,
But First: FAQ
Have to searched for your color Here?
      See: Bike Manufacturers & Paint Codes
We sell only Urethane Basecoat / Clearcoat systems, No Lacquer
Prices: See our page:
How much paint do I need?
      See Url:
We do not fill spray cans with color because of restrictions, and shipping issues.
We sell only wet material for use in refinishing: MUST BE SHIPPED VIA UPS GROUND, (CLASSIFIED AS HAZARDOUS - CANNOT GO AIR)
        (LOWER 48 STATES ONLY)
Touch-up bottles with small brush inside.
All products are shipped with complete directions, supplied from the manufacturer.
Technical Questions? See FAQ's for quick answers.
       Click here For FAQ's
We Can make the Paint to match your bike.
Either we have a formula already or we will match a part you send in.
      When you order, you have to provide us:
1. Year (example: "1999")
2. Make (example: "HONDA")
3. Model (example: "GOLDWING")
4. Original Paint "Name" (example: "Yellow")
5. Original Paint "Code" ( this can be letters, numbers or a combination )
(example: "Y 124 P")
Usually found on the original build sheet or certificate of origin.
Once "you" find out that information for your bike, we can search out data base.
Start with the selling dealer
Check with Previous owner
Easy, Fast, Way: Ship us a part to match color to your bike:
      See Url:
 You can order your paint without the Code, if you give a full description:
      When you order, you have to provide us:
1. Year  (example: "1999")
2. Make (example: "HONDA")                               (ORDER PAINT HERE)
3. Model (example: "GOLDWING")
4. If you have no code - describe color: (example: "Yellow")
5.  Is the color, Light, Medium or Dark?   (example: "Light")
6. Is the color, Metallic, solid with no metallic, Pearl. ( example: Metallic)
** Color match: Different painters, with different spray equipment, under different spraying conditions can get different shades of color from the same can of paint.   

Motorcycles just like cars, can be, and are painted off standard, and all paint fades, when exposed to sunlight and changes color.

Color match is never guaranteed!      

Best results are obtained when you send us a part of your motorcycle for paint to be matched to the existing color shade of your bike.

Touch up paint brushed on will look different than touch up paint sprayed on.
(Brushed on touchup paint is meant to slow down further damage and partially hide the chip until professional refinishing can be made.)
See our page on "Color matching"  & Painting Techniques
Note: Use Caution when ordering,  Absolutely NO Returns!   (We could not resell the returned products and guarantee that they were not contaminated)            
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3 18 2010