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How much paint do I need?     
* Subject: How much paint do I need?

Materials needed for a Paint Job:

Plastic Primer if you are using new unpainted parts: MOTPLASTPREP / Qt.
Primer Surfacer to remove imperfections, & prepare the job for paint: MOTPRIMER KIT / Qt.
Reducer, to thin the product to work in the spray gun: MOTREDUCER
Sealer to give the best adhesion between Primer surfacer & Color: MOTSEALER
Color: To Match requirements: MOTPAINT
Clear-coat: To protect the color & give gloss: MOTCLEARKIT
Wax & Grease remover: MOTPREPSOL
Associated products:
Tape, masking paper
Grey Scuff Pad (fine grit like #1000)  Not Red or Green, they are too rough and will leave scratches!
Sand paper #180 dry, wet or dry #400 & #600 for primer
Sand paper wet or dry #800 - #1000 for Clear-coat & Buffing products.

Single color:
A very experienced painter working carefully not to waste, and not having to spray color-matching, or practice panels, would use about 1 & 1/2 Pints of color & 1 Quart of Clear-coat, (with the appropriate amount of Catalyst / reducer), to paint the fairing, bodypanels, tank & fenders on an average Sport-bike, or Cruiser.

Depending on the color and coat requirements, and if the clear will be water-sanded flat to remove orange peal and buffed to a gloss, more product may be needed!

* Double this estimate for anyone other than a very expert professional painter or you may run out of material!  
*There is a lot of paint loss, in the air, when you are painting small pieces hanging from a wire.

* If you are painting new parts that are bare, you will also need:
Plastic Primer, Primer Surfacer, and a Sealer

That said, if you don't paint every day, you should order another 1 pint of paint & 1 Qt. of clear, and practice on an old fender or tank, until you are happy with your results. Then start on your project.

* Note: Buy more than you need. There is no way to fix a paint job, if you run out, except for repainting the entire Job.

Complete technical information is availble, Click Here!