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Custom Color Matching       
 Custom Matching
We can provide custom paint matching for nearly any color on any surface. We can match powder coats, fluorescent colors, aircraft, appliances, furniture, special panels, etc. In order to match colors successfully, we will need a painted part at least 4" square. Not all colors will need custom matching. If we find an existing paint that we feel is an excellent match, you will not be charged a color matching charge at all. We will notify you upon receipt of your part.
Costs and Color Matching
You have two choices for paint matching.
Hand matching is an exact match of the paint sample you have sent us. Our paint technicians carefully match the sample you have sent. It is a time consuming process and the cost for
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Computer Matching is a close match. We can scan the color with a special computer and it produces a paint formula that is close to the color, but not exact.