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What our Customers say!
To cyclecolor,
I could not find a color to match my bike, anywhere. You matched a side cover I sent in, and the color was spot on... couldn't be happier. My paint and side cover came back in 4 days!
Great Job, and thanks, again....
Brian Wright
Carbondale Illinois
Cycle Color,
Great job on the touch-up paint. I have had poor luck elsewhere finding my BMW color.
Bill Jason
Eureka Springs, AK
To whom it may concern:
Why is it so hard to get a green color for my Kawasaki? Aren't all the Kaws the same green?
Kenny Riskoe
Birmingham, AL
Thank you so much for getting the color and clear to my painter, He said the match will be perfiect!
Al Wills
Madison, WI
Boy you were right to suggest we order the clearcoat kit as well as the color. The bike looks Great!
Matt Anderson
Dallas, TX
I could not find my Honda's Red Metallic anywhere, till a friend told me about your website. Thanks! The color looks just like my bike.
Rita Calas
Phoenix, AR
Thank you for matching the gas tank on my old Matchless, It looks like new now.
Henry Olsen
Atlanta, GA
To support at cycle color,
Thanks for all the help on Matching my old Kawasaki, (Edddie Lausen) Replica. The green, white & Blue are just like the original colors on the undamaged side of the gas tank.
Pete Bilely
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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